For more transparency and participation at eye level, Milla & Partner is to design a digital communication platform for the Verband Region Stuttgart (VRS). Many measures, whether open space protection and recreation, industrial settlement or sustainable mobility, are thought and planned regionally, but decided in the municipalities. Self-assured cities, communities and citizens want and need to be heard and involved in complex decisions. There is often no "right" or "wrong" - the decisions are more the result of a weighing process ...

Our Partner and Creative Director Sebastian Letz has been invited as jury member for the new Buildner Architecture Competition “The Pavilion Of Humanity: First Contact”. The architecture ideas competition tasks participants with designing a structure encapsulating the best and brightest of our species in a way that, should we ever be visited by other life forms, would allow them to learn about our achievements in a single space. More about the competition: Pavilion of Humanity

Since 2006, text displays in the memorial "Zeichen der Erinnerung" have provided information about the history and background of the deportation of more than 2700 Jews, Sinti and Roma from Stuttgart between 1941 and 1944. The panels were now supplemented and illustrations replaced - revised by the board members of the committee and Milla & Partner. They have now been presented to the public at the memorial.

Energy and raw materials from regional sewage sludge? High-tech in wastewater treatment? Safeguarding water quality? These are just some of the topics explored in depth in the new exhibition at the visitor center of the main sewage treatment plant in Mühlhausen, the largest facility in Baden-Württemberg.

Milla & Partner has won the pitch for the design of the permanent exhibition in the Rhön Nature Experience Center at the Hammelburg site. This new public institution will be a lighthouse project for education and communication of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Rhön with a focus on sustainability. The opening is planned for 2025.

We are proud to announce that Milla & Partner, together with Kingsmen Exhibits Singapore, DP Architects, Beatrice Chia-Richmond and Presplay Pte, have won the pitch for the Singapore Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka, Kansai, Japan. More information about the exhibition concept following soon!

The new show workshop in the Erwin Hymer Museum opened end of January. Visitors can now follow the workshop team at work and witness how historic museum vehicles are lovingly cared for, maintained and restored. Embedded in the foyer of the Erwin Hymer Museum, the museum workshop picks up on design elements of the museum's interior design and blends seamlessly into the overall experience. More about the workshop

THE LÄND is a winner. Created together with Jung von Matt, THE LÄND is a campaign that promotes Baden-Württemberg as a modern destination well worth working and living in to both national and global professionals. Honored by GWA with a silver Effie in this years "Transformation" category.